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  • Sustainability in packaging

    Tata Steel is serious about demonstrating packaging steel's sustainability. We know our product makes a contribution in three important areas:

    People Planet Profit

    People: Packaging steel is safe, and protects its contents to offer optimal product quality. Its high levels of recycling help to create a cleaner society. We are also committed to sustainable purchasing. One example is our tin purchasing where we are focusing on sustainable tin sources so we can make our products only from non-conflict minerals.

    Planet: We take responsibility for the environment through the effective use of resources: limiting energy use, lowering our emissions (CO2) and saving water consumption.

    Profit: Working to obtain low costs and maximum functionality, we ensure packaging steel is an economical solution. We see ourselves as part of a sustainable supply chain, helping to:

    - take life cycle costs into account 
    - fulfil commitments to sustainable development
    - meet international obligations
    - stimulate the market for sustainable technologies 
    - maintain and improve our standard of living
    - benefit health and the environment
    - save money

    Find out more about our range of steel products for packaging, including Protact® laminated steel.

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    Packaging steel products

    Find out more about our range of steel products for packaging, including Protact® laminated steel.

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