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    Decorative packaging for premium and luxury products such as perfume and chocolates, demand on-shelf differentiation and a premium quality presence.

    The decorative packaging market for products such as perfume and chocolates demands on-shelf differentiation and premium quality.

    Steel has a wide range of decorative effects. Its excellent shaping capabilities make it a good choice for creating unique brand differentiated packs. It is tactile, being ‘cool to the touch’ which traditionally creates a premium perception.

    Steel also offers superb print quality, which when combined with embossing and debossing give an enduring perception of quality. There are great many brands that  capitalise on steel’s surface aesthetic, giving the pack a ‘metallic’ look and feel. Choices can be made  from a wide range of finishes, from super bright, to matt and silver.

    Steel recycling, circular economy and more. Learn about Tata Steel's work in sustainability and packaging.

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