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  • Sustainability in packaging

    Steel is the world’s most sustainable packaging material. It protects and preserves its contents and helps to reduce waste by offering a long shelf life. Steel packaging is easy to recover from mixed waste streams and can be recycled over and over again with no loss of quality.

    At Tata Steel, we are committed to playing our part in moving towards a sustainable global society. As a major producer of steel for packaging, we invest time, expertise and money in operations and initiatives that both promote and deliver sustainability in packaging.

     We take action to:

    • recycle steel packaging on a huge scale. This is facilitated through our Packaging Recycling department in the UK which also promotes the benefits of recycling
    • demonstrate our full commitment to the circular economy
    • play our part in ensuring an effective regulatory environment for steel packaging by supporting the action required to achieve recycling targets
    • ensure our packaging complies with REACH regulations – as in our work on REACH and chromium-free passivation
    • deliver benefits from steel recycling by working in partnership with others


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