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  • Centre for Packaging Technology

    The Centre for Packaging Technology provides the technical knowledge and skills that helps us keep our products at the forefront of our market.

    We have access to the global expertise of the Tata Steel Research, Development & Technology department. Based in IJmuiden, the Netherlands, the Centre for Packaging Technology (CPT) has available to it some of the best research, development and technical resources in the steelmaking and tinplate world.

    Our investigations include studies of corrosion and mechanical performance during handling, processing and storing. We use computer modelling to predict performance before the actual component is produced, speeding up development time and reducing trial and error.

    Dealing with all aspects of the packaging supply chain, from welding, forming and coating to filling, seaming, sterilizing and recycling, it provides the technological knowledge and skills that help Tata Steel Packaging to maintain our leading position in the packaging market. Our laboratory testing capabilities cover:

    • Forming and joining
    • Electroplating
    • Food processing
    • Corrosion testing and measurements
    • Coating applications
    • Packaging design
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

    Improvements in coatings aim to increase material quality simplify the can-making process, and enable cost savings and environmental improvements. This work offers opportunities for new packaging solutions.

    The Coatings Technology knowledge group has excellent laboratory and pilot coating line facilities. Access to a range of sophisticated software programs (e.g. ELSYCA®, ASPEN®, CFX®) assists coating process optimisation through simulation. Development achievements range from improved DWI tinplate homogeneity by means of edge mask technology to new treatments for tinplate.

    The group belongs to international networks of research institutes and universities, giving it access to the newest developments in metal packaging coatings.



    The Containers Technology knowledge group has expertise in resistance welding, deep drawing, forming, wall ironing and finite element modelling. It does research into all types of can and component manufacture, from fundamental studies of new products to process capability studies on our pilot lines.

    Research into all types of can and component manufacture, from fundamental studies of new products to process capability studies on our pilot lines are carried out.

    This group focuses on satisfying our customers' demands for cost-effective, efficient, attractive packaging. This includes manufacturing at high speeds and volumes, and how to achieve consistently high quality feedstock, coupled with requirements for lower costs.

    We also cooperate with other steel makers, with can fillers and brand owners, as well as can makers on selected projects to protect and increase steel's share of the packaging market.

    Quality and food safety are of course a high priority for our customers.

    Our Packaging & Performance knowledge group has a vast amount of expertise in food technology, materials science and corrosion technology. We have the facilities to fill, seam, process and store cans, in order to analyse the packed product and packaging during its lifecycle.

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