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    Our Product Development team draws on a solid foundation in metallurgy, the latest developments in coatings and can-making technology.

    We support the development of tomorrow's high performance steel packaging solutions. Projects may range from the development of new steel grades, to the design of a new manufacturing process, to assessments to explore how to improve your packaging's performance.

    Our Product Development team, working in collaboration with you, have a range of services on offer: 

    • Forecasting technological trends
    • Process recommendations for new can-making lines
    • Material recommendations for new can-making production processes
    • Can design reviews to improve can performance
    • Sustainability recommendations to secure the future of metal packaging
    • Support on new product launches

    We have strong relationships across the chain are ready to help deliver the packaging steel formats of the future - from the latest closures to the most sustainable steel packaging yet.

    Throughout the steelmaking process, we continuously look at new opportunities and process improvements to develop future steel grades.

     We aim always to be at the forefront of the latest developments in raw materials, steel manufacturing equipment and process control.

    Whether the market trend indicates a need for higher strengths with better deformation properties or softer formable grades for differentiating can shapes, we find the most sustainable steel solution possible to meet your market ambitions.

    Our Centre for Packaging Technology has proven experience in metallurgy developments and are supported by a wide range of world-standard technical capabilities. These range from small detailed studies to full-scale experiments.


    We understand that surface coating developments, both metallic and organic, enhance the performance of steel packaging bringing new performance capabilities to the steel can.

     Steel for packaging offers a material solution that fits with a wide variety of products, containment solutions and dispensing functions. Whether it is to contain a highly corrosive product safely, or to preserve vitamins in sensitive foods, we have specialists who are capable of developing new coatings and surface technologies.

    Coatings play an important role in the can-making process. For example, we can evaluate what is needed to maintain high production speeds on our customers' lines and develop surfaces which offer the best welding performance during can making.

    Our Centre for Packaging Technology has proven experience and reliability in both surface and coating development support from pack testing to pilot production facilities.

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