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    • Packaging recycling education

      Did you know Tata Steel delivers workshops in primary, secondary schools and sixth form colleges across the UK focusing on packaging, steel and recycling?

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    • High quality packaging steels

      Learn about our range of high-quality packaging steels including tinplate, tin-free steels (ECCS), blackplate, and our market-leading Protact® laminated steel.

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    • Technical expertise

      Our technical approach focuses on continuously improving the performance of packaging steel whether it's lighter, more sustainable steel or the newest food safety legislation

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    • Steel recycling

      Recycling steel cans is part of our business. It not only makes good sense by stopping waste going to landfill, it also cuts the use of raw materials, energy and water.

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    Tata Steel is a leading manufacturer of high quality packaging steels.  We are recognised for our strong supply chain network and supplying the can-making industry worldwide. By working in partnership with our technical experts, we can support you to deliver your high performance steel packaging solutions to the market.



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    • Fresher for longer

      Steel packaging for food is versatile. It protects and preserves everything from meat, fish, soups and oils to tea, coffee and milk. The food can offers brands a reliable, safe and secure packaging format.

    • Product development

      Our Product Development team draws on a solid foundation in metallurgy, the latest developments in coatings and can-making technology. We support the development of tomorrow's high performance steel packaging solutions.

    • Protact® laminated steel

      Protact laminated steel is food-safe and optimised for efficient, sustainable canmaking with opportunities for differentiated brand performance. It is a proven material solution across a number of high-performance canmaking applications and formats.