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    06-07 November 2017 Bad Nauheim, Germany

    The automotive industry has a responsibility, as companies can only survive if they act sustainably. Whereas it is of course equally vital to keep boosting the efficiency of manufacturing processes, another important central element is the increasing use of products that are both lightweight and resource-friendly. And all this against the background of high quality demands from customers. In car body painting, this means, in particular, that the industry must concentrate on the responsible use of natural resources. The demand therefore focuses on pioneering activities along the entire process chain, including suppliers, the equipment, process materials, process control and manufacturing routines.

    The Car Body Painting conference, held annually by the Automotive Circle, provides in-depth insights into the latest technical developments along the entire body painting process chain.

    As in previous years, the leading European network of automotive engineers will be meeting in Bad Nauheim to discuss the very latest developments and forthcoming challenges for surface treatment in car manufacturing. Experts will illustrate and define the fundamental requirements for a radical design of sustainable paint shops.

    19th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference - 17-19 October 2017 Bad Nauheim, Germany

    It is the most important international benchmarking conference for car bodies in series production:

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    It is where the global elite of car body engineers meet to benchmark car body development, performance and production of the most recently launched series vehicles from all over the world.

    With detailed technical presentations, the OEM engineers who were involved in the development of the presented car bodies explain their construction, material and production concepts and subsequently answer your questions directly at the corresponding car body exhibit. Generally, these exhibits can be fully inspected by all conference participants during the three conference days. The same is true for the respective full vehicles, which will also be on display.

    Further to that, the standardised EuroCarBody car body benchmark data will be available to all delegates as part of the conference proceedings, providing detailed information on weights, material, parts, joining technologies as well as production data of all car bodies presented.

    26-27 September 2017 Bad Nauheim, Germany

    Press plant, tool shop, foundry: Advancing efficiency and quality in car body part series production


    That probably best describes the core demand encountered in the industrial car body part production in the press plant and tool shop. The precise realisation of often challenging design specifications, using modern lightweight materials, shorter development times, higher production flexibility, all that under strict cost constraints and ‘ideally’ in close collaboration with subsequent production subsections – these are the requirements you have to fulfil as an automobile engineer in car body part production.

    The world's largest motor show, the IAA, starting on the 14th of September, will showcase the latest trends in cars and mobility. The show's slogan of “Future now” focuses on the megatrends of connected and automated driving, electric mobility and the urban mobility concepts of tomorrow. A large number of world premieres and innovations will be unveiled and Tata Steel will be exhibiting as part of the New Mobility World Hall.


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