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    Coloured Protact – greater creative scope for metal packaging

    18 Jul 2017 | Trade News

    Protact®, Tata Steel’s laminated steel, is now available in an exciting range of colours. The full Protact palette includes clear, gold, ultra-white and black, offering canmakers an even greater creative scope with metal packaging.

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    Tata Steel signs definitive agreement with Liberty House Group for the sale of its Hartlepool SAW pipe mills

    11 Jul 2017 | Corporate News

    Tata Steel UK today announced it has signed a definitive sale agreement to sell its 42- and 84-inch pipe mills in Hartlepool to Liberty House Group.

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    Tata Steel: Launch of Prime Lubrication Treatment extends offering for high quality outer panels

    20 Jun 2017 | Trade News

    PLT is a so-called booster lubricant, consisting of a thin coating that is applied in the galvanising line prior to applying the conventional oil layer. The combination of PLT and oil provides a superior lubrication system that improves processing of hot-dip galvanised GI steels for exposed automotive panels. It induces a lower and more stable friction during pressing and is particularly suitable to support manufacturing of panels such as fenders, doors and body sides to a high surface quality. Thereby the new advanced lubricant extends Tata Steels Serica and Full Finish premium offering for outer panels.

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    Protact® – competitive advantage for aerosol canmakers

    19 Jun 2017 | Trade News

    What’s at the top of the wish list for aerosol canmakers? A competitive edge - whether it’s a more economical production line or greater creative scope with metal packaging. Protact®, Tata Steel’s laminated steel, has a proven track record in delivering both these qualities for aerosol canmakers.

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    Protact: Ready for three-piece cans

    12 Jun 2017 | Trade News

    Protact®, Tata Steel’s laminated steel, has a proven track record in this respect for two-piece can making and now it has been developed for three-piece canmakers.

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