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  • Corus markets new innovative grade of steel - HyPerform

    1 Apr 2010

    Corus is first to market with an innovative, new grade of steel, Dual Phase (DP) 800HyPerform – an advanced high-strength steel designed specifically with the needs of the automotive industry in mind.

    DP800HyPerform® combines the strength levels of a DP800 grade with the formability properties of a DP600 grade, without compromising on weldability. This grade was developed in close cooperation with a number of automotive OEMs in order to meet their exacting needs.

    DP800HyPerform has been specifically developed for use in making lightweight automotive parts such as structural members and reinforcements that must be highly crash-resistant. The steels’ minimum ultimate tensile strength is 780 MPa, similar to that of Corus’s existing DP800 grade. The difference is that DP800HyPerform offers extra ductility, resulting in good formability in combination with good weldability. This makes it particularly well suited for complex shaped stamped parts. It is available as hot dipped galvanised material and fulfils all typical automotive processing requirements.

    Corus’ ongoing collaboration with leading automotive OEMs guided the product development and aligned the final properties of DP800HyPerform with the needs of the automotive market. DP800HyPerform’s metallurgical properties not only address customer processing requirements and in-car performance but also address the need for reducing the total cost of ownership. The improved formability of this high-strength steel results in higher processing yield and enables part consolidation, allowing for smarter and lighter design of crash and structural members. In addition, DP800HyPerform has a hot dipped galvanised zinc coating, which incurs a lower cost than electrolitically galvanised zinc coating that is required for TRIP steels, for example.

    Maurice van Giezen, Manager Corus Automotive Business Development, commented: “We are often faced with the apparent paradox of vehicle manufacturers wanting materials that have better crash resistance and offer improved press shop performance, but that at the same time can be supplied at lower cost. By combining the benefits of a number of different grades of steel into one product, DP800HyPerform achieves all three of these objectives."

    During the development of DP800HyPerform, Corus developed a new metallurgical process to enable the combination of favourable properties. DP800HyPerform is a Dual Phase steel with improved formability, and is a compromise between the standard DP800 steels and TRIP steels in terms of forming properties.  It is easily weldable (similar to DP welding behaviour) and is less expensive than TRIP steels. It gives automotive engineers greater design freedom resulting in lower vehicle weight without compromising performance, safety or cost. DP800HyPerform can also be used to replace complex shaped DP600 parts, offering increased performance or weight saving through down-gauging. The product, which is now on sale, has been successfully trialled and is due to be introduced into several car models in the near future.


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