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  • Corus Tubes Energy at the OTC 2010

    17 Jun 2010

    A team from Corus Tubes Energy exhibited at a major oil and gas show last month.

    The Offshore Technology Conference is the world's foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production and environmental protection. OTC is held annually at Reliant Park in Houston and is attended by thousands of customers and major players in the market.

    Corus Tubes Energy joined forces with Tata Steel International at this year’s event to showcase the wide range of Corus products available to the offshore and energy markets, including a cross section of the pipeline manufactured at Hartlepool’s 42” and 84” mills.

    The exhibition stand was branded as Tata for the first time, in a move leading up to the eventual ‘brand migration’ from Corus to Tata Steel.

    “We found the event the perfect launch pad for the new branding and it went down very well,” says Richard Freeman, Business Development Manager for Energy, who was present on the stand. “People recognised we were Tata Steel and it was business as usual. As always with the event we made some very good contacts and raised the profile of Tata in the Offshore Sector.”

    Alongside Richard, the Corus Tubes Energy business was represented at the event by Remco Blaauw, Tubes’ Managing Director and, from Energy, Ramsay Ross, Energy Director, Andy Townson, Commercial Manager and Martin Connelly, Technical and Quality Manager.
    “We spent much of our time discussing new as well as existing contract opportunities with the many different customers who attended. OTC is an important exhibition to be involved in and we’re delighted that Corus and Tata Steel International were once again a part of it,” adds Richard.

    Attendance surpassed the 2009 total of 67,700, and the sold-out exhibition was the largest in 28 years, totaling more than 568,000 square feet, up from 557,000 square feet in 2009. OTC's expanded exhibition in Reliant Arena in addition to Reliant Center enabled the exhibition growth.

    Plans to attend OTC 2011 are already underway.