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  • Protact: Ready for three-piece cans

    12 Jun 2017 | Trade News

    This article first appeared on the LinkedIn page of Simone Vooijs, Director Technical at Tata Steel in Europe. To view the original, click here.

    Canmakers are constantly looking for ways to make production lines leaner and more cost effective.

    Protact®, Tata Steel’s laminated steel, has a proven track record in this respect for two-piece can making and now it has been developed for three-piece canmakers. Our specialist production line at Duffel in Belgium now processes Protact for three-piece can manufacturing with a multi-layered polymer coating system designed to free capacity and simplify canmaking operations. 

    So long lacquer! 

    Protact for three-piece cans comprises a steel substrate with a three-layer polymer coating system on each side, capable of withstanding a variety of performance and processing demands – removing the need for a lacquer application and so releasing line capacity.

    In the case of two-piece, drawn and wall-ironed (DWI) canmaking, we’ve seen clients eliminate up to five cost-intensive operations from their lines including external and internal can lacquering.

    With a leaner line, canmakers can up-scale manufacturing to meet market demand. And to deliver further gains, Protact is available to full DWI width – 1220mm – for heightened can line output. 

    Food safe and creative packaging  

    For food can manufacturers, Protact is BPA-free and fully compliant with all current European and USA food contact legislation. The controlled levels of all chemical substances used in Protact will also enable it to accommodate upcoming legislation on non-intentionally added substances (NIAS).  All our compliance testing is undertaken by TNO Triskelion, an independent and respected European research institute.

    Protact comes in a range of colours including white, clear, black and gold – offering even greater creative scope for food metal packaging. 

    Environmental canmaking champions  

    Protact offers a number of environmental gains for clients, including a reduction in volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and significant decrease in energy and water consumption through the canmaking process.  Made with steel, a permanently available material, Protact products can be recycled again and again with no loss of quality and no complicated separation techniques are needed before Protact can be reused. 

    Protact for three piece cans offers new creative, food safe and sustainable opportunities for canmakers. If you’d like to find out more about Protact for three-piece canmaking, you can email us or for the latest Tata Steel Packaging news, follow our new LinkedIn page.