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  • Coloured Protact – greater creative scope for metal packaging

    18 Jul 2017 | Trade News

    Protact®, Tata Steel’s laminated steel, is now available in an exciting range of colours. The full Protact palette includes clear, gold, ultra-white and black, offering canmakers an even greater creative scope with metal packaging.

    This article first appeared on the LinkedIn blog of Steven Dijkstra, Head of Marketing Packaging & Nordics at Tata Steel in Europe.


    For food can manufacturers

    Tata Steel’s coloured Protact range enhances the attractive, appealing and modern qualities of metal food packaging. And food can manufacturers can rest assured that Protact’s three-layer polymer coating is fully compliant with all current European and USA food contact legislation.

    Food cans can be created utilising more than one colour at a time. Ultra-white Protact has proved particularly popular for the inside of food cans, enhancing the appearance of the canned contents – sweetcorn’s golden yellow, for example, really stands out against a crisp white background.  On the outside of cans clear Protact provides a plain backdrop for bright labelling, whilst gold Protact can add a luxurious feel for metal packaging.


    For aerosol can manufacturers

    Supermarket shelves are crowded with different aerosol products, so offering customers the ability to stand out from the pack is a key factor for aerosol canmakers.

    Protact has been developed to support high quality printing and is designed to work with the latest direct-to-cylinder printing technology – helping producers stay ahead in reliability and image quality.

    Printing on ultra white Protact offers aerosol canmakers a true, vibrant colour, unleashing a whole new creative level for packaging designers helping them to produce eye-catching aerosol cans.


    Blue Protact in the pipeline

    Protact has a long history of use in two-piece draw and redraw cans for the salmon market in USA and the South American seafood market. Its inert three-layer polymer coating system ensures that the original taste of the packaged food is not affected and, combined with its low level porosity, Protact is an ideal material for packed content in oil and brine.

    Blue Protact is currently going through Tata Steel’s product trial stages and on completion, will offer can manufacturers even greater design options and in particular, enhancing content appearance for fish products.  

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