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  • Tata Steel backs global campaign to increase use of steel beverage cans

    17 Sep 2018 | Trade News

    Tata Steel in Europe, is backing the campaign for increased use of steel for beverage cans. Increased use and increased recycling rates of steel beverage cans reduces waste and saves energy.

    The global campaign has been initiated by worldsteel of which Tata Steel are members and is aimed at increasing consumer awareness of the benefits of steel beverage cans, reminding packaging producers that modern steel is an attractive alternative to other packaging materials.

    Steven Dijkstra, Head of Marketing Packaging, Distribution and Integrated businesses at Tata Steel in Europe, commented:

    “Steel is the ideal material for beverage cans. It’s easy to cool, great for keeping contents fresh and prevent breakages on the go due to steel’s strength. 

    “Packaging specialists can also utilise the material to create real, stand out shelf appeal. Steel beverage cans come in a variety of heights and shapes and specialist printing and lacquers meaning that cans can even change colour at different temperatures.”

    Tata Steel’s specialist laminated packaging steel, Protact®, also offers additional benefits for beverage canmakers. Its three-layer polymer coating removes the need for any lacquering stages, helping to streamline the manufacturing line and is also available in a number of base colours including black, clear, blue, gold and white. Ultra White Protact provides a brilliant background for creating vibrant print finishes.  

    During manufacturing, steel’s magnetic properties allows cans to be moved on a magnetic conveyor belt and remain held in a fixed position whilst being filled, helping reduce waste from spillage and making them easy to pick up with other machinery.

    It is also the material’s magnetic quality that makes steel beverage cans easy to recycle, as they can be easily separated ready for reprocessing at plants like Tata Steel’s works in IJmudien, Netherlands and Port Talbot, South Wales.  Every tonne of steel recycled saves other materials - 1500 kilos of iron ore, 650 kilos of coal and 300 kilos of limestone.

    “We recycle some 600 million tonnes of steel a year globally and every can recycled saves 70 per cent of the energy of producing new steel. This campaign is designed to raise awareness of the benefits of steel for drinks cans and encourages manufacturers and consumers to choose steel,” says Clare Broadbent, Head of Sustainability, World Steel Association.

    Consumers can easily identify if a can is made from steel by looking out for the campaign’s magnet logo on the can or simply using a fridge magnet to test if it is magnetic.


    For further information:

    Steven Dijkstra on T: +31 (0) 6 20 42 88 21 or steven.dijkstra@tatasteeleurope.com

    Jessica Friend Bartlett on T: +44 (0)1295 495012 or jessica@twelvepr.co.uk

    About Tata Steel’s European operations

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