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  • XPF1000: New, ultra-high-strength steel for lighter vehicles and increased production efficiency

    24 Oct 2018 | Corporate News

    Tata Steel will present XPF1000, a new member of the XPF family, for the first time at EuroBLECH in Hannover, Germany. Available in the first quarter of 2019, the hot-rolled product combines exceptionally good formability with ultra-high strength and consistent material properties.

    By that, it meets vehicle manufacturers’ increasing demands for lightweight design and production efficiency. With other materials, higher strength comes at the expense of elongation and stretch flangeability. While XPF1000 pairs an ultra-high strength of 1,000 MPa with elongation and hole expansion capacity comparable with that of CP800 complex phase steels. This new steel grade for automotive applications will be available in gauges from 2.0 to 4.5 mm and in widths from 1,000 to 1,600 mm.

    The new XPF steel is suitable for demanding applications where the aim is to save vehicle weight or raise component performance. This can be achieved either through lower wall thickness or more complex shapes without compromising safety, stiffness, durability and other performance parameters. In application studies for chassis and suspension components, Tata Steel was able to demonstrate that, compared with CP800, XPF1000 can save up to 20 percent in weight or increase component strength by 20 percent. The benefits of the material’s production efficiency are currently being quantified in collaboration with customers. The potential for applications in other areas such as seating and interior or body-in-white components is also being explored.

    “When we launched XPF800 in 2015, it was the first hot-rolled steel grade in Europe to combine high strength of 800 MPa with excellent formability. In light of the sustained trend towards lightweight engineering paired with increasing performance requirements, we anticipated demand within the automotive industry for an ultra-high-strength XPF grade. With XPF1000 we have been able to achieve a maximum performance within the XPF concept, which is about achieving high strength with a single-phase microstructure. The outcome is a unique combination of ultra-high strength, outstanding formability and consistent product properties. The feedback from manufacturers to the initial tests on our new XPF1000 has been extremely positive so far,” said Paul Cremers, Marketing Manager Chassis & Suspension at Tata Steel.

    The higher strength level of the new XPF steel is achieved by a greater proportion of nano-precipitation in the single-phase ferritic microstructure. This microstructure delivers the necessary elongation and hole expansion capacity to provide excellent formability. By virtue of the highly consistent product properties it is even possible to guarantee a minimum hole expansion capacity of 40%, which is unique for hot-rolled steels at this strength level. The combination of properties is perfectly suitable for lightweight applications.

    XPF1000 also demonstrates better manufacturability than other hot-rolled advanced high-strength steels (AHSS). The XPF microstructure, for instance, speeds up the rate at which components can be pressed, while the chemical composition improves welding characteristics compared with conventional hot-rolled steels.

    Tata Steel is currently working on a hot-dip-galvanised XPF portfolio to bring the benefits of the XPF range to components requiring a higher corrosion protection level. XPF800 and XPF1000 will also be available next year in thicker and thinner gauges.




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