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  • Tata Steel Suppliers

    Tata Steel and its suppliers are interdependent and we recognise that mutually beneficial relationships enhance the ability of both to create value to our end customers, society and our investors.

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    Tata Steel Europe spends over six billion pounds each year on goods and services to support its steelmaking, processing, and distribution operations world wide. Procurement objectives are dominated by ensuring the best value for the company, whilst ensuring security of supply. To meet company needs, procurement is organised to work with operations across the company, with a central purchasing team for raw materials & shipping and lead buyers for alloys, refractories, rolls, metals, IT and bulk gases. Other categories, including scrap, goods and services, are co-ordinated across the procurement network where there are points of overlap and value can be created. Complementing the category organisation, procurement teams are also organised geographically to support all the business operations across the world.