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  • Tata Steel Community Partnership Programme

    Tata Steel strives to enrich its local communities and contribute to their future economic and social wellbeing through a proactive Community Partnership Programme.

    The main focus of the Community Partnership Programme is to work closely with the communities in which we operate to help improve these areas.

    The theme of Tata Steel’s Community Partnership Programme is “Future Generations.” All Community Partnership Programme activities support “Future Generations” and are also aligned to the sub themes of:

    • Education
    • Environment
    • Health & Wellbeing

    Donations from Tata Steel

    As well as working in partnership with local communities, Tata Steel also provides proactive investment in local community initiatives. These donations provide sustainable investment in initiatives that bring benefits to “Future Generations” in the communities in which Tata Steel operates.

    Donations are made to charitable and non-profit organisations within the communities in which Tata Steel operates. Tata Steel is not able to offer support to commercial or profit-making organisations. The company is not able to offer donations to individuals, or to cover participation fees, expeditions or trips performed by individuals in the context of fundraising.

    Tata Steel priorities applications that demonstrate evidence of bringing sustainable and measurable benefits to large groups of individuals. The company accepts applications for both financial and in-kind donations (products and services).

    How to apply for a donation from Tata Steel

    We would ask anyone wishing to apply for support from Tata Steel to complete an online questionnaire.

    Applications are assessed by a panel of representatives from Tata Steel and the communities in which we operate.

    If you need more information about the Community Partnership Priogramme or donations from Tata Steel please email your local contact from the below list: 

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