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  • Management control and compliance

    Our first priority is to remain fully compliant with the conditions of our environmental permits and with any other legal requirements that apply within the jurisdictions in which we operate.

    At all of our manufacturing sites, we have implemented environmental management systems that have been certified as meeting the requirements of international standard ISO 14001. These systems provide us with a framework for managing compliance and achieving continuous improvement.

    When a breach does occur, we investigate it rigorously and transparently in order to establish the root cause and identify corrective actions to ensure it is not repeated.

    We aim to minimise our environmental impact wherever practicable and cost-effective to do so, and a substantial proportion of our capital investment in recent years has been on initiatives to improve our energy efficiency and reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide or achieve other environmental benefits.

    Our main potential environmental impacts are from emissions to air of particulates, oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide, and carbon dioxide and to water of hydrocarbons and suspended solids. We monitor all of these impacts, together with energy usage and waste treatment and report annually on all of these.

    Climate change strategy

    Tata Steel will be part of the solution and will achieve a leading position within the steel industry whilst creating value.

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