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    REACH sets out a number of requirements for manufacturers or importers of substances to pass information down the supply chain to their customers.

    Key point of REACH is to forward information from manufacturer and importer to downstream users of substances, so they will have access to more information on the hazards of the substances they use.

    We have been in contact with our customers to confirm REACH compliance and have issued statements along with a REACH registration statement to customers describing our compliance with all registration obligations under REACH. Please see our dedicated downloads page to obtain the company's REACH statements on a number of particular subjects.

    In case of new registrations, like new imports, we will approach our customers to gather information on the uses of our substances and also potential exposures while in use.  Our customers are key to establishing the correct data needed to produce our registrations and, more specifically, the chemical safety assessment and report that are required for a number of substances.

    Authorisation and Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)
    ECHA asks member states to put forward substances to be placed on the candidate list of SVHC's. These substances will be evaluated and could eventually be placed in Annex XIV (subject to Authorisation) of REACH. The official candidate list can be accessed from the ECHA website. The list is updated regularly by ECHA so it will always be current.

    The REACH Team have produced a statement on SVHC detailing information in relation to the presence of SVHC's in the steel articles we sell. This statement is current and we encourage our customers to use this as confirmation with regard to the presence of SVHC in our products.

    Please be aware that the candidate list is updated at least twice a year and the REACH team will monitor this list and where appropriate will update this statement to include future additions.

    Data from our customers may also be required regarding the use of our products in relation to authorisation if we were to apply for an authorisation under REACH. As soon as this is the case, we will contact our custormers.


    We would ask our customers to direct communications on REACH to their normal customer technical (CTS) contact. We have trained all our teams to be able to handle REACH enquiries professionally and, for day-to-day enquiries this will be the most efficient means of communication.

    For the more technical enquiries you can contact the REACH team by emailing: reach@tatasteeleurope.com either direct or via the CTS teams. 

    We also have an FAQ page specifically looking at questions relating to the steel industry; please use the FAQs to answer your queries.  Specific questions focus on exemptions under REACH for the steel industry and the type of products that are covered under REACH.