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    There are many national and professional bodies that provide guidance on REACH including ECHA.

    Below are a number of links to sites that provide guidance on REACH.


    Wherever website links are provided, this does not imply that we advocate or support any information or messages contained within those sites, nor are we responsible for their content.
    The links are provided simply as additional reference points for more information about REACH.

    The official ECHA website contains guidance documents and other useful information.  The dedicated help section offers an interactive FAQ page plus other features to assist you in finding the answer to your REACH queries.


    The Eurofer REACH team are actively working to assist its members in REACH.  Eurofer organise a number of working groups to meet to discuss REACH implementation across the iron and steel sector.  The Eurofer website contains guidance on REACH as well as Steel industry position papers which have been used to set the direction of a number of REACH related topics from 2008 onwards.

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the competent authority for REACH within the UK and their website contains guidance and a helpdesk on REACH

    RVO is the portal within the Netherlands to find information about REACH and their website contains guidance where to find the Dutch helpdesk on REACH