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  • Tata Steel in Europe is working jointly towards responsible metals supply chains

    Society increasingly expects companies to take responsibility for all aspects of their business activities. At Tata Steel we understand that to sustain our business in the long term we must contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. That’s why we have put sustainability at the heart of our strategy.

    As the metal chain is long, complex and worldwide, there may be increased risks associated with the chain such as safe conditions for people and the environment. Tata Steel in Europe is actively working together with several organisations to promote international responsible business conduct and address severe negative impact to people and the environment connected to the metals supply chains which we would otherwise not be able to tackle on our own. This multi-stakeholder collaboration is through the International Responsible Business Conduct Agreement for the Metals Sector, and also enables us to contribute to realising the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well. The other participants in the collaboration include companies, the government, industry associations, NGOs and trade unions.

    Metals are essential for the production of many goods and technologies and are crucial for the low-carbon transition. The implementation of the Agreement will be devoted towards:

    • providing companies with the necessary knowledge, instruments and other resources tools to be able understand and/or address potential risks in their supply chains,
    • addressing specific supply chains issues linked with secondary materials (metal scrap) supply chains, and
    • encouraging relevant actors in the metals supply chains (at the national and international level) to adopt and implement the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.

    Tata Steel in Europe call(s) on all our business partners and our stakeholders to support and join our effort in working towards responsible metals supply chains. Our goal is to be a CO2 neutral steel maker from 2050 onwards. We have the ambition to integrate our products and by-products into the circular economy. Tata Steel works closely with customers, industrial partners, NGO’s, governmental bodies and many others to realise this ambition.

    Interested in joining or learning more? Contact the secretariat at metaalconvenant@ser.nl or visit the website www.imvoconvenanten.nl/metallurgisch