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  • Enabling your sustainable products

    The products we make can have a far greater impact than the combined impacts of the processes we use to make them. This is not only for new, advanced products. In many cases, standard steel products are still, and will always be, the best material choice for sustainable applications.

    Within our product portfolio, we have added-value, downstream steel-based products, such as construction components, which can play an integral part in sustainable material use both now and in the future.  We also develop leading advice and guidance on how to use steel to best effect, for example in automotive and construction sectors.

    We make advanced steel grades and products that enable sustainable product design, for example by light-weighting or producing stronger, safer and more durable products.

    Read about our sustainable product designs, for more detailed information please visit our sector websites

    The global challenge

    Mankind is faced with many challenges

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    Our role in sustainability

    As a good corporate citizen in the 21st Century, we believe that we have a duty to play our part in moving towards a sustainable global society.

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