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  • Enabling sustainable cars

    For car-makers, the most pressing challenge is to make vehicles more efficient, using less fuel and emitting less carbon dioxide. This must be done without compromising on safety and ideally without additional cost.

    We believe that steel has a vital part to play in delivering this goal of safe, clean and efficient motoring, accessible to all.

    We have been working very closely with worldautosteel to develop a concept Future Steel Vehicle which uses the latest steel grades and technologies. The FSV concept is 35% lighter than if conventional steels were used, giving obvious benefits in reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In fact, for every 1kg of advanced high strength steel used in modern cars, 8kg of CO2 emissions are saved over the vehicles life. The FSV concept is delivered without any additional cost and with no compromise on safety, so it is a truly sustainable solution for future motoring.

    The Tata Steel portfolio is perfectly matched to the FSV study. Our newest grades of AHSS, including DP800HyPerform®, are designed to push the envelope for lowering CO2 emissions and vehicle weight. With DP800 Hyperform, we can deliver not only excellent strength characteristics, which gives the best safety in the lightest car, but also improved formability to save cost in manufacture too.

    Next to our sustainable product offering, we also assist our customers with the selection of the best material. By using a life cycle assessment (LCA) approach we are able to select techniques and materials that result in the lowest total carbon footprint and thus go beyond accounting only for emissions in the vehicle use phase.


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