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  • Enabling sustainable energy

    Meeting the world’s ever-growing need for energy in a sustainable way is a huge challenge that requires innovative thinking and contributions from many industries. Steel continues to play a significant part in addressing that challenge.

    In the gradual shift away from fossil fuels, there is still a requirement to plumb the depths, accessing ever more difficult reserves of oil and gas. Our advanced steel grades and pipeline manufacturing expertise make extraction as safe, clean and efficient as possible.

    But as energy demand grows and fossil fuel reserves are depleted, steel will prove essential in delivering the future renewable energy infrastructure too. A typical wind turbine uses around 140 tonnes of steel, while an off-shore turbine can use over 1,000 tonnes. Even so, the embodied carbon emissions tied up in a wind turbine are paid back in only a few months.

    A future, sustainable energy infrastructure will use a mix of sources and new renewable energy generation technologies are being developed all the time. Whether it is wave or tidal power, wind or solar, steel is always an essential element in delivering these solutions and we have the steel products to make them a reality.

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