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  • Enabling sustainable machinery

    Whether it is for mining, construction, forestry, material handling or a host of other uses, modern machinery needs to be safe, reliable, durable and efficient. Total cost of operation is the new paradigm in this sector and both legislation and market forces are driving big advances in fuel efficiency and reductions in emissions.

    Steel is the natural material of choice for all machinery applications. It is a hard-wearing work-horse of a material. Modern steel lasts longer, wears less and can weigh less than traditional designs, all helping to lengthen replacement intervals and use less precious resources.

    The steel we produce and our expertise makes machinery safer, more efficient, more durable than ever. Our range of steel, specifically tailored for the Lifting and Excavating sector, helps you to make more sustainable machines.

    For example, our range of Abrazo plate steels last longer than traditional steels in high-wear applications such as mining and quarrying, material handling, agriculture, construction and earthmoving equipment. That means that while other machinery wears out and needs replacing, if it uses Abrazo, it just keeps on going for longer. For example use of Abrazo by a mining equipment manufacturer in armoured face conveyors has been proven to increase their service life. Also, in construction and earthmoving equipment, use of Abrazo provides resistance against wear in buckets and dump truck bodies, increasing the equipment’s service life.

    Tata Steel for the lifting & excavating sectors

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