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  • Enabling sustainable packaging

    Packaging plays a vital role in ensuring that products reach consumers in perfect condition. It is particularly important for food and beverage packaging to ensure the safety of the contents. Meanwhile, in an attempt to minimise resource usage, there is continuing pressure to reduce packaging wherever possible.

    Steel is the most sustainable packaging material because:

    • Steel provides the ultimate protection to packaged goods at the lowest cost – to both the pocket and the planet
    • Only steel packaging is truly recycled in a 100% closed loop
    • Steel is infinitely recyclable with no loss in qualities – no matter how many times it is recycled
    • Steel is by far the most recycled packaging material
    • True recycling of steel does not require artificial incentives – it is an economic reality
    • Steel is the easiest material to recover from mixed waste streams due to it’s magnetic properties

    The environmental investment in making steel is not wasted because steel is only ever used – never consumed.

    We work closely with our customers to continue to optimise the design and manufacturing process for steel packaging. Our expertise in simulating material behaviour using computer models allows us to identify material gains – for example by reducing the weight of aerosol can ends by up to 30% – which can generate significant added value for the customer.

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    Packaging recycling

    At Tata Steel we have a dedicated Packaging Recycling department in the UK. Packaging recycling is an important part of our business.

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