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  • Enabling sustainable rail transport

    Global sustainability demands transport solutions which are energy efficient and minimise their contribution to climate change whilst effectively and efficiently taking people and goods where they want to be, when they want.

    Rail transport is intrinsically lower carbon and less polluting than other forms of mass transport (especially electrified trains linked to low carbon energy generation). Intermodal and urban rail transport will form an important part of the future sustainable transport infrastructure. Sustainable rail transport systems need reliable rail networks with high availability and low installation and operating costs for the rail infrastructure.

    At Tata Steel, we believe that the greatest contribution we can make to improving the sustainability of rail transport is through our products. That is why we have developed a range of products that have a longer life in track and require lower maintenance to maximise track availability. This helps to lower whole life cost and improve the carbon footprint of the railways.

    HPrail and MHH are examples of innovative products that extend the life of rail in  track.  HPrail benefits track that is prone to wear and RCF (rolling contact fatigue) for example in medium and large radius curves. MHH has the highest resistance to wear and is suited to the most arduous conditions such as tight curves on mixed traffic and heavy haul lines.  Selecting the best rail grade for the track conditions can create a step change in the performance, reduce maintenance needs and reduce life cycle costs.  

    Our world-class technical team is able to provide advice and support to customers who want to optimise their selection of rail.  Rail products and grades can be matched precisely to track conditions, track types, environmental conditions and a host of other variables to ensure that every rail we deliver provides optimum performance throughout its service life.

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