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  • Steel all around us

    Steel is an essential material, intrinsic to our way of life and to the products society will demand in a sustainable future.

    Steel is a unique and vital material. It touches almost every part of modern life. It is a key element of our infrastructure. From buses to buildings, from canned food to computers, almost everything we see around us is either made of steel or is made using steel.  Steel is essential to modern society.  

    Steel is essential to modern life and to a future of sustainable development. Steel is the backbone of everything we do. But steel also has a place in a sustainable future, enabling renewable energy infrastructure, more efficient vehicles and appliances, high quality, affordable and energy efficient buildings and everything else society will rely upon to ensure a sustainable future.

    To ensure equitable and sustainable economic development, we need to ensure the continued, economic availability of high quality steel.

    Enabling sustainable construction

    Steel buildings are inherently efficient in design, construction, use and even demolition.

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    Enabling sustainable rail transport

    We have a range of rail products that give a longer life in track and require lower maintenance to maximise track availability.

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    Enabling sustainable energy

    Steel continues to play a significant part in addressing the challenges of sustainable energy.

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