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  • Steel and the future

    Steel is essential to modern life and to a future of sustainable development. Steel will form an essential ingredient in many developments which come to epitomize a sustainable future. Steel is already being used in many ways to deliver this sustainable future.

    As we face the global challenges of the future, delivering a sustainable energy infrastructure is becoming ever-more vital. We believe that wind power will play a major role in that future. A typical wind turbine uses around 140 tonnes of steel, while an off-shore turbine can use over 1,000 tonnes. Even so, the embodied carbon emissions tied up in a wind turbine are paid back in only a few months. This is an excellent example of investing natural resources into generating sustainable energy.

    Sustainable, low energy transport is a big challenge for the future. Again, steel lies at the heart of the solution. New, advanced steels, are making cars lighter and more fuel efficient, without affecting cost-efficiency, safety or manufacturing-phase emissions. Meanwhile, advancements in steel help to make rail transport even more sustainable, minimising maintenance and track down-time.

    Steel is essential for our infrastructure and many of the most sustainable buildings use steel. Lightweight steel construction provides low-energy, thermally responsive buildings which are more efficient to construct and easier to reconfigure.

    The global challenge

    Mankind is faced with many challenges

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    Enabling sustainable cars

    We believe that steel has a vital part to play in delivering the goal of safe, clean and efficient motoring, accessible to all.

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    Enabling sustainable energy

    Steel continues to play a significant part in addressing the challenges of sustainable energy.

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