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  • Climate change

    Climate change is a global phenomenon which requires global measures on the long term to effectively deal with this very real threat. At Tata Steel we will play a leadership role in tackling climate change.

    Climate change (sometimes referred to as man-made climate change or the Greenhouse Effect) is the defining issue of the early 21st Century and is at the heart of the Tata Steel vision to be the world steel industry benchmark for corporate citizenship.

    We recognise that we have an obligation to minimise our own contribution to climate change. However, we also understand that steel products will be an integral part of the solution to climate change and that local, short-term action will not necessarily help to tackle this global, long-term issue.

    Energy and climate change

    Arguably our most significant environmental impact is through the energy we consume and the carbon dioxide we produce in our processes.

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    Steel and the future

    Steel is essential to modern life and to a future of sustainable development.

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