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  • Climate change and energy security

    Energy security is closely linked with climate change, since one of the key contributors to the latter is the burning of fossil fuels. In line with our over-riding principles, we understand that, in our transition to a more sustainable future, there will be choices about where and when energy is most productively used.

    Fossil fuels are a finite, non-renewable resource and we recognise that, in the long-term, our global society must move away from burning them. We use coal in making steel, but we are actively investigating ways to use less and to use it more efficiently. Moreover, we recognise that steel, once made, is a resource which will last forever, so we believe that the prudent use of energy here is justified.

    Steel also plays a vital part in all forms of energy generation and storage. Steel is at the heart of the current fossil fuel infrastructure, whether in pipelines, excavators or refineries. But steel is also a vital element of a secure world less dependent on fossil fuels. Steel is used in all forms of renewable energy generation and is also used to aid energy efficiency of everything from cars to buildings.

    We believe that energy is best used where it provides an investment for the future, rather than where it is simply consumed.  Whilst we strive to minimise our energy usage, we will focus on investing the energy we use in producing the steel products which support our future, sustainable global society.  

    Enabling sustainable energy

    Steel continues to play a significant part in addressing the challenges of sustainable energy.

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