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  • Climate change strategy

    Climate change is one of the most pressing issues the world faces today. In response to this challenge, Tata Steel will be part of the solution and will achieve a leading position within the steel industry whilst creating value.

    Our Climate Change Strategy has five key themes:

    Emissions Reduction
    We will continue to improve our current processes to increase our energy efficiency and to reduce our carbon footprint, with a target of reducing our carbon dioxide emissions per tonne of liquid steel by at least 20% by 2020 compared to 1990 levels.

    Investing in Technology
    We will continue to invest in longer term breakthrough technologies, through initiatives such as ULCOS.

    Market Opportunities
    We will develop new products and services to reduce the environmental impact over our products’ life-cycles to help our customers to reduce their carbon footprints.

    Employee Engagement
    We will actively engage our workforce, encouraging everyone to contribute.

    Lead By Example
    We will further develop our pro-active role in global steel sector initiatives through the World Steel Association.

    Energy and climate change

    Arguably our most significant environmental impact is through the energy we consume and the carbon dioxide we produce in our processes.

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