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  • Our role in sustainability

    In the modern world, Corporate Citizenship means much more than philanthropy and respecting the people and communities impacted by our operations. As a good corporate citizen in the 21st Century, we believe that we have a duty to play our part in moving towards a sustainable global society.

    We understand the challenges which our global communities face if we are to sustain a high quality of life for generations to come.  We aim to play our part in tackling these challenges.  There are two main tools at our disposal for this:

    • the products we make
    • the way we manage our operations.

    While we do everything we can to manage our operations in the best way possible, and this will have some impact, our products reach out to millions of end-users and the impact we can have through the use of our products is many-fold greater than that which we can have through our operations.  That is why, in our focus on sustainability, we first look at what we can do for others, while keeping a very close eye on what we do ourselves.

    We recognise that we are not perfect and there is always room to make our operations and our products more sustainable.  We invest in the short term in energy efficiency programmes at all of our plants and in schemes to reduce dust, noise and pollutants from our processes.  We also invest for the long-term in new technologies to make steel with less environmental impact.  We invest in the products we make and in the technology which our customers will use to make even more sustainable products from our steel for the future.  And we see our involvement with those around us as an investment – to grow sustainable communities for the long-term.

    We believe that there is no option but to move towards a more sustainable world; a world where our ever-growing population lives more in balance with the resources available to them.  We believe that what we do can make a difference to the big challenges we all face. We believe that our steel will form the backbone of a sustainable future.

    Steel and the future

    Steel is essential to modern life and to a future of sustainable development.

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    Enabling your sustainable products

    The products we make can have a far greater impact than the combined impacts of the processes we use to make them.

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