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  • People, Planet, Prosperity

    We take a long-term view of sustainability to balance economic prosperity and social equity with looking after the one planet on which we live.

    The concept of the triple bottom line, sometimes referred to as ‘the 3 P’s’ of People, Planet and Properity, is now widely recognized as the business model for a responsible company.

    Following the ethos of the founder of the Tata Group, Jashetji Tata, we believe that the purpose of our existence is for the good of our communities. We consider our communities to be those immediately affected by our activities, the societies in which we operate and the wider global community which can be affected by how we operate. In considering our communities in this way, we look after the people close to us, we are committed to generating prosperity in our society and we care for the planet on which we live. However, we are also realistic. We understand that we can only care for our communities if we are a successful business and so we have to ensure and safeguard the prosperity of our own operations too.

    Our people

    Our responsibilities extend to not only our own people, but those impacted by our operations.

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    Respecting and safeguarding the environment is a fundamental principle held by all Tata Group companies.

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