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  • Tata Steel’s innovative composite solution reduces urban delivery CO2 emissions

    28 Oct 2016 | Trade News

    Tata Steel’s new Coretinium® composite solution has been used in the design of an innovative new urban delivery solution developed by one of the UK’s leading commercial vehicle body and trailer manufacturers, The Cartwright Group.

    Tata Steel worked together with The Cartwright Group, to incorporate the lightweight Coretinium® panels into the sidewalls and bulk head  of the new Streetwise® trailer, helping the customer to achieve  their goal of reduced weight in the vehicle and reducing CO2 emissions.


    In total 75m2 of Coretinium® has been used in the Streetwise® trailer, which is due to be launched at the Freight in the City exhibition on 2nd November, at Alexandra Palace, London. The reduction in weight compared to the standard wooden laminate material used equates to a massive weight reduction of 0.5 tonnes per vehicle which saves 4kg CO2 per 100km. These savings align with Cartwright’s aim for the Streetwise® design to create a cleaner and safer urban delivery solution.


    The trailer is aimed at operators with multi-temperature, multi-drop, cross pavement or street-delivery requirements.  The patent pending design allows for loading through the rear door at a conventional loading dock. Then using the latest electronic control strategy, the driver is able to unload directly from the side doors, to the footpath.  The unique unloading design removes the need for a tail-lift and so reduces the vehicle footprint, improves working conditions, increases the speed of unload for the driver, and protects pedestrians from the dangers of an exposed moving platform.


    Lionel Curtis, Technical Director for the Cartwright Group said; “We’re really pleased with how the Coretinium®  product has fitted into the design of our new Streetwise® trailer, and are so impressed with the reduction in CO2 emissions from the lighter-weight material that we are now looking to use it in our next projects. We’ve already shown the concept trailer to a number of our customers and they are really interested in the benefits it offers them.”


    In comparison with other trailer wall construction materials that typically end up as landfill, Coretinium® also has the added benefit of being fully recyclable. At the end of the vehicles life span the entire product can be recycled as steel, without the need to separate the core from its skins.


    Manufactured in the UK at Tata Steel’s Shotton, North Wales plant, Coretinium® is a steel sandwich product, that can be used for flooring as well as sidewalls, and is available in thicknesses of 10mm and 25mm.  It combines two high performance materials, a polypropylene honeycomb core which is both light and rigid, and Tata Steel’s Colorcoat Prisma®, one of their market leading pre-finished steel products which is resistant to corrosion and abrasion due to its Galvalloy® metallic coating and high build primer.


    The Coretinium® production line is the first of its kind in the world and uses Econcore’s patented honeycomb production process to create a continuous polymer core for in-line, coil fed steel skin lamination.


    The demonstration trailer will be on show in the Ride and Drive area at the exhibition, and Edwin Richards, Tata Steel’s Coretinium® expert, is also available for questions on the Cartwright Group stand W17.