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  • Tata Steel moves into new frontiers with launch of Solar Ground Mount System

    5 Sep 2013

    Against a backdrop of a growing solar energy market, robust renewable energy targets and the rising cost of conventional power sources, Tata Steel today launches its Solar Ground Mount offering,in the UK.

    This represents a significant investment for Tata Steel, who already have over 50MW of experience with solar ground mount systems.

    The company has developed a steel ground mount system to support photo-voltaic cells to generate energy from solar radiation. The system, in its current version, has been successfully installed at Cumbria, the Isle of Wight and Sussex.

    The innovative engineering of the system allows for greater tolerances and eases installation. In addition, Tata Steel’s established project management capabilities will see the company provide project specific training to installers helping them gain experience in a controlled environment.

    The system, which will be tailored for each client’s specific requirements, comes with a performance guarantee for up to 25 years.

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