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  • The end of the line for rail corrosion

    The end of the line for rail corrosion?

    8 Oct 2015 | Trade News

    In conversation: Daniel Pyke, Product Marketing Manager explains how Zinoco®, Tata Steel’s newest rail product, offers the most advanced corrosion protection on the market today.

    Daniel Pyke

    Daniel Pyke 
    Product Marketing Manager       


    How does Zinoco work?

    DP: Zinoco is a premium coated rail solution designed to withstand corrosive track environments. The rails – which can be of any grade – are specially treated with a thermally-sprayed zinc-rich alloy, applied to the web and around the foot of each rail. Zinoco combines the benefits of both a barrier coating and a sacrificial coating in one product. If there are any scratches or damage, the zinc-rich coating protects the rail by itself corroding in place of the steel. The zinc oxide then forms a strong barrier to further corrosion.

    Why did Tata Steel start developing it?

    DP: Our UK customer Network Rail had a requirement for a more durable coated rail system for corrosion protection to withstand the rigours of real life installation and use. Zinoco builds on the success of Railcote® which has been in use for the past five to six years, extending rail life by 3-30 times. Zinoco offers the same exceptional sacrificial protection with improved damage resistance to offer further life extension. Unlike most alternatives, Zinoco can be used universally including in third rail areas.

    Where will it be most used?

    DP: Zinoco delivers the greatest benefits in aggressive environments for example where salt and water contamination occur. Such environments are often found in coastal areas, tunnels, or at level crossings where water and salts accelerate rail corrosion. We also work with customers in the Middle East where the combination of salt and sand can be very corrosive.

    When will it be available?

    DP: Orders are being taken now for delivery in early 2016. Initially available in short lengths, long coated rails become available in mid 2016. Developed originally for the UK, a high level of interest has already been received from customers across three continents.

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