EN-Corporate-News-2021-Tata Steel opts for hydrogen route at its IJmuiden steelworks

The company has already stated its ambition in IJmuiden to reduce COemissions by five million tonnes a year by 2030 and has been exploring various technological options to achieve this, including the capture and storage of COor a hydrogen route. External experts assessed that both options are technically feasible according to a joint study by Tata Steel and FNV, the Dutch trade union.

EN-Corporate-News-2021-Tata Steel Netherlands accelerates plans to significantly reduce dust and odour emissions from IJmuiden steelworks

Tata Steel in the Netherlands today announced a speeding up of a €300 million package of planned measures with the objective of significantly reducing dust and odour emissions from its IJmuiden site in the next two years.

Tata Steel aims to accelerate its ‘Roadmap Plus’ plans to complete a number of projects in 2023, with a new facility – designed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions – planned to be operational in 2025.

It is expected the new measures will lead to substantial and noticeable reductions in the nuisance experienced by local residents.

EN-Corporate-News-2021-Next phase of project to decarbonise industry in South Wales receives funding

Phase Two of the project involves engineering studies to explore the routes to decarbonisation, including the use and production of a hydrogen supply, carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS) and CO2 shipping from South Wales which would be the first CO2 shipping industry in the whole of the UK, and would create an entire new industry for the region.