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EN-Construction-Overview of Trisobuild® VW wall systems

trisobuild vw wall system tata steel construction

The Trisobuild® VW system is a vertically run wall system that can provide an efficient and attractive look to the external cladding.

The system provides the designer with an infinite number of combinations to create a unique aesthetic.

Bracket height (mm) Insulation depth (mm) U-value (W/m2K)
140 140 0.30
160 160 0.26
180 180 0.23
200 220 0.21
220 220 0.19
240 240 0.18
260 260 0.16
280 280 0.15
300 300 0.14

Above U-values based on a LP1000 liner, secondary steelwork support at 1.5m centres, 1.2m bracket spacing and insulation with a 0.040W/mK thermal conductivity.

All Trisobuild® VW systems can be covered under our Platinum® Plus system guarantee. Simply fill in your project details using our easy-to-use online specification tool or contact us directly.

EN-Construction-Benefits of Trisobuild® wall systems


All our products are fully tested by third parties for criteria such as thermal performance, fire safety, acoustic performance, air-tightness, and resistance to water penetration. This together with our extensive and unbiased technical support sets us apart.

All Trisobuild® wall systems can be covered under our Platinum® Plus system guarantee. Simply fill in your project details using our easy-to-use online specification tool or contact us directly.

Trisobuild® systems are supplied with Colorcoat® pre-finished steel for the external and internal skin so that we can provide the very highest quality and service to our customers.

All Trisobuild® components are easily handled on site without specialist mechanical equipment, due to lightweight components. This can be important when working on sites with limited access.

Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approval to LPS 1181 part 1 for fire performance, helps to lower insurance premiums.

Trisobuild® FW systems provide cost effective systems for 15, 30 and 60 minute fire insulation resistance.  Providing solutions for all external wall fire requirements within the building regulations.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are available for all the Trisobuild® wall system solutions.  Request a bespoke product or system specific EN 15804 Type III EPD to help accrue points under building certification schemes such as LEED and BREEAM.

We will recommend the most appropriate system for your project to provide you with a building envelope solution that meets your requirements for design and performance criteria.

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EN-Construction-Platinum® Plus system guarantee

Platinum® Plus system guarantee

 Platinum® Plus is a system guarantee for up to 30 years, that covers the durability, structural and thermal performance of all system components.

The guarantee is derived from a tailored specification to suit your building function and is fully transferable on change of ownership of the building. Our reputable supply chain partners and commitment to responsible sourcing creates an enhanced building envelope system that is robust and proven.

Platinum® Plus offers enduring durability and building performance, lowering cost of ownership through the life of the building.

We understand that complex buildings need tailored solutions, so our online specification tool has been designed by our technical team to help you create the right specification to suit the needs of your project. We make sure all roofing and cladding components listed are compatible with ours and perform together as a system.

platinum plus logo tata steel building envelope guarantee

Our support continues through on-site checks, ensuring the products installed are in accordance with the specification.

At completion, the Platinum® Plus system guarantee is issued direct to the building owner, who enjoys the long term reassurance that any issue will be dealt with through a single point of contact.

When you choose Platinum® Plus, you’re choosing guaranteed performance, and lower operating and maintenance costs for the life of the building. 

Key features of Platinum® Plus system guarantee

In addition to the benefits that our cladding products provide, Platinum® Plus also offers:

  • Up to 30 years, transferable guarantee provided direct to building owner
  • Support from specification to on-site check
  • Create and store your tailored specifications via our online tool
  • One point of contact for help with system issues
  • Flexibility in design through our wide range of system options
  • Fully traceable products manufactured through our integrated supply chain
  • 50 years of experience and extensive testing of our products
  • Underpinned by Confidex® Guarantee for the pre-finished steel

The Platinum® Plus system guarantee is available on our Formawall®, Trisomet®Trimapanel® and Trisobuild® products.

As well as our roof and wall cladding systems, Platinum® Plus includes all flashings, boundary gutters, sealant, fasteners and safe link systems when named in the project specification.

End-to-end reassurance

Our building envelope technical team is on hand to build the right specification to meet your requirements including advice on:

  • Specification writing.
  • Acoustic SRI predictions.
  • Wind and snow load calculations.
  • Load span checks.
  • Building regulation advice.
  • Gutter design.
  • Assistance with SBEM.
  • U-value calculation.
  • BREEAM advice.
  • Detail design.
  • Condensation risk analysis.


To begin the specification process please complete your project details through our online specification tool or call Tata Steel on +44 (0)1244 892199

You can also view our interactive Platinum® Plus system guarantee brochure that contains animations and videos here.

EN-Construction-Download Trisobuild® Wall BIM Objects

Download BIM Objects

BIM: The way you want it

The DNA Profiler has been designed to allow you to access Tata Steel’s product information (3d parametric objects & data) how you want, when you want, to the level of detail you want, in the format you want.

Product Name Link
Trisobuild C19 Trapezoidal 0.475mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C19 Trapezoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C19 Trapezoidal 0.9mm Aluminium BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C32 Trapezoidal 0.475mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C32 Trapezoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C32 Trapezoidal 0.9mm aluminium BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C32MR Trapezoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C32MR Trapezoidal 0.90mm aluminium BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild R13.5/3 Sinusoidal 0.475mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild R13.5/3 Sinusoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler

In addition to our DNA Profiler, you can access our BIM content at BIMobject here or alternatively follow the links on our individual product pages on this website.

bim object tata steel construction

In addition to our DNA Profiler, you can access our BIM content at

Product Name Link
Trisobuild Vertical Wall system BIM Object
Trisobuild Vertical Fire Wall system BIM Object
Trisobuild Horrizontal Wall system BIM Object

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