Facias and gutters
Colorcoat Urban® rainwater systems

Superior finish that is quick and easy to install

Colorcoat Urban® offers a range of rainwater systems suitable for a wide variety of roofs from the smallest domestic to the larger agricultural or commercial buildings.

Our gutter systems can be perfectly matched to your Colorcoat Urban® roof and are available as 'external' or 'hidden' options. Supplied to a superior finish as quick fit components our gutter systems are easy and consistent to install.

To complete your rainwater system and add the finishing touches our standard square downpipe and fittings can be incorporated.


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Product specification

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Colorcoat Urban rainwater systems
Specification details

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External gutter

  • Our box gutter profile is designed to complement the Colorcoat Urban® roof system. Its box shape blends perfectly into the roofline, and comes complete with colour matched square downpipes. This system is secured into the fascia using top fix brackets that provide an uninterrupted gutter line when viewed from ground level.
  • Our external box gutter profiles are stocked in Colorcoat Urban® matt shades, Anthracite and Merlin, with short lead-times. Other colour options are available on request with longer lead-times.


Hidden gutter

  • Our hidden gutter offers a bespoke rainwater system that can be formed to suit almost any application. The gutter is hidden within the roofline and is ideal for use where roofs come together, or when the design requires a clean edge to the roof. This system has total flexibility and can be designed and tailored to suit your exact requirements.
  • Our hidden gutter profiles are supplied in Colorcoat® Aquatite, specifically developed for rainwater applications and ideally suited to the most demanding situations.

EN-Construction-Product-Colorcoat Urban rainwater systems | Dimensions


<table class="table-dimensions" style="width: auto;" width="136"> <thead> <tr><th> </th><th>External box gutter</th><th>Hidden gutter</th></tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr> <td>Length</td> <td>3m</td> <td>3m (fabricated to suitable shape)</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Fixing</td> <td>Top (1 bracket every 500mm)</td> <td>Sits within roof structure (internal butt straps)</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Outlet</td> <td>70mm internal diameter</td> <td>Variable - 75 and 100mm diameter available</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Downpipes</td> <td>3m lengths (76mm square)</td> <td>Determined by client specification</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Downpipe brackets</td> <td>3m lengths (50mm strip)</td> <td>Determined by client specification</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Accessories</td> <td>Hoppers and stop ends</td> <td>Hoppers, stop ends and parapet fascia cap</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

EN-Construction-Product-Colorcoat Urban rainwater systems | Technical


<p>Gutters are designed based on the roof position and split into three categories:</p> <ul> <li>Cat 1 – External gutters (permit overflow over the front face of the gutter).</li> <li>Cat 2 – Hidden gutters (permit overflow over an external face).</li> <li>Cat 3 – Internal gullies and valleys (depth and suitable outlets required to dispose of heavy rainfall).</li> </ul> <p>Detailed gutter calculations can be provided on request for each category from the Colorcoat Urban® team.</p>

EN-Construction-Product-Colorcoat Urban fascia | Design details

Design details

Looking for help and advice with your designs?

The Colorcoat Urban® team of experts is available to offer the support you need and provide you with more detailed information on any of our Colorcoat Urban® range of products.

Whether you are looking for a more detailed drawing or a copy of our Specification guide contact the team (details below)

Duo ridge

Colorcoat Urban® duo ridge roof is one of the most popular designs ideal for traditional domestic buildings. The duo ridge design slopes in two different directions down from the ridge, and can be designed to suit your required style or shape.

Mono ridge

Colorcoat Urban® mono ridge roof is a single sloping free-standing surface. The mono ridge design slopes in one direction down from the ridge. It is both modern and contemporary and offers the perfect solution for new builds or additions to existing roofs.


Colorcoat Urban® lean-to roofs are fixed to an exterior wall of the building, providing small ground floor extensions and additional covered roofing space. The lean-to design is a simple, traditional concept which can be built entirely to suit you, as part of a new build or an extension to an existing structure.


Colorcoat Urban® dormer roofs can be created with pitches as low as 5 degrees. Urban Seam® dormers can be designed for inclusion at construction stage or as a later addition to your build. Available to suit a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit pitched, flat or even the most difficult of dormer shapes. So versatile is the dormer that it is easily integrated with existing tiled roofs.

EN-Construction-Product-Colorcoat Urban fascia | Service support

Service support

To obtain a no-obligation, fully itemised estimate speak with one of our Colorcoat Urban® experts

Our team are on hand to provide estimates, samples and advice on the performance and most suitable system for your project. In addition our dedicated team can provide comprehensive support at every stage of your project.