Advantica F Heat
Specification details

EN-Construction-Product-Advantica Lighting - Advantica® F Heat | Product features

Product features

Advantica® F Heat

  • A pre-finished steel product with excellent heat resistance

•  Very good heat performance
•  Smooth surface appearance

Substrates available
•  Hot-dip galvanised to EN 10346
•  Cold reduced to EN 10130

•  Alternative backing coats available
•  Protective film

EN-Construction-Product-Advantica Lighting - Advantica® F Heat | Typical properties

Typical properties

Advantica® F Heat

Typical properties      Test specification
coating thickness
μm 25 EN 13523-1
Specular gloss (60°) GU


EN 13523-2
Adhesion on bending T 0 EN 13523-7
(minimum bend radius)
T 3 EN 13523-7
Pencil hardness   F EN 13523-4
Scratch resistance g >1800 EN 13523-12
Abrasion resistance
(Taber, 250 rev.
1kg, CS10 wheels)
mg <30 EN 13523-16

Corrosion resistance:
Neutral salt spray

Hours 360 EN 13523-16

Corrosion resistance:
Humidity resistance

Hours 1000 EN 13523-26
Resistance to accelerated
ageing by use of heat

Delta E <0,5 at 200 hours 120oC
Delta E <1 at 3 hrs 180oC
Flexibility: max 1T loss after both ageings

EN 13523-13


The figures contained in this table are typical properties and do not constitute a
specification. If forming pre-finished steel below 16°C please consult Tata Steel for further

Corrosion and humidity performance subject to specification such as minimal metallic coating weight.