Tata Steel has the correct steel grade for direct and conventional enameling and for one or two layered enameling.

Vitrostaal LD CS/DS

The ultimate enameling steels made by Tata Steel, suitable for direct cover coat enameling. Decarburized in the steelplant, titanium free, cold-rolled and batch annealed, it has perfect adhesion of coating. Vitrostaal LD has improved resistance to carbon boiling and fish scaling.

Vitrostaal IF

Is a titanium stabilized enameling steel fit for all purposes when suitable enameling processes are used. It is especially suitable for applications where extra deep drawing is necessary.


  • Barbecues
  • Bathtubs
  • Cookers and washing machines
  • Heat exchange panels (pore-free)
  • Photo Voltaic solar panels
  • Sinks
  • White boards and wall panels

Relationship with standards

Steel for direct white enameling complies with ASTM standard A424: 2006.

Tata Steel USA
Vitrostaal ASTM A424: 2006
Grade Grade
Vitrostaal LD CS Type I CS
Vitrostaal LD DS Type I DS
Vitrostaal IF Type III IF
Vitrostaal LD CS/DS and Vitrostaal IF are also suitable for conventional enameling.