Proven slip-resistance

Unique self-draining stud pattern provides a slip-resistant surface

Keeping you safe

According to the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), over a third of all major injuries reported in the UK each year are caused as a result of a slip or trip1. That amounts to 172,000 injuries to workers every year, not counting injuries to the general public.

Products that contribute to safer passage over surfaces, can reduce the risk of slips and trips, whether in permanent conditions, such as in factories, or temporary conditions, such as construction, building and planned maintenance.

The dense pattern of studs on Durbar creates a slip-resistant surface at all angles and allows plates to be used in any direction. Durbar has a unique diamond pattern which, on average, is 23% deeper and has 10% more studs than other generic steel floor plates.

Tested and trusted

In recent independent tests carried out on genuine Durbar floor plate, slip resistance was found to be consistently good, in both dry and wet conditions.

The UK HSE and the influential UK Slip Resistance Group (UKRSG) recommend the use of a pendulum test to measure the slip resistance of flooring products. This test is according to EN 13036-4. The pendulum test measures the dynamic coefficient of friction and is designed to replicate a pedestrian heel strike. This has been found to best simulate the most common cause of slips.

Independent tests on genuine Durbar using the pendulum tester according to EN 13036-4 have shown consistently goodresults in both wet and dry conditions2. The measured pendulum test value (PTV) in the wet condition of 46 represents a ‘Low’ slip potential, according to UKSRG guidelines, while in the dry condition, a PTV of 73 provides a classification of ‘Extremely low’ slip potential.

Comparative tests on generic floor plate adopting either ‘T’or ‘A’ patterns have shown that the unique pattern of studs on genuine Durbar results in the lowest all-round slip potential.

The actual slip resistance of Durbar or any other floor plate willdepend on real-life application and the environment in which it is used. Galvanising, painting or coating Durbar can influence the slip resistance.


Pendulum test comparison

The table below, taken from UKSRG guidance, represents the risk category for a reasonably active pedestrian between 18 and 60, walking in a straight line on a level surface.

Pendulum Value Potential for Slip
0-24 High
25-35 Moderate
36-64 Low
65+ Extremely Low
Item Potential for Slip  Potential for Slip
Durbar® from Tata Steel Extremely Low Low
Generic Type `T` floor plate Low Low
Generic Type `A` floor plate Low Low
1. UK Health & Safety Executive Statistics, 2017/18 ; non-fatal injuries to workers according to self-reported estimates from the Labour Force Surve
2. External laboratory results performed according to BS EN13036-4 BS7976 / UK Slip Resistance Group guidelines, Wessex Precision Instruments Ltd, July 2019