Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the fire resistance of Durbar?

Durbar hot rolled steel floor plate is classed as non-combustible. When subjected to extreme heat, Durbar has distinct advantages over some other flooring materials. At temperatures where aluminium alloys have already begun to melt, Durbar steel floor plate will still be supporting design loads. The fire performance of an assembly is specific to the construction of that assembly and so we strongly recommend you check your fire rating with a qualified fire engineer.

What is the slip resistance of Durbar?

Durbar has been tested to BS 7976-2:2002 for slip resistance and found to have Extremely Low slip potential in the dry state and Low slip potential even when wet. The unique Durbar pattern ensures this optimised slip resistance and in comparison tests, competitors’ floor plate products display a lower slip resistance.

Will galvanising and painting Durbar affect it’s characteristics?

Independent testing, in both wet and dry conditions in accordance with BS7976-2 assessed as-supplied Durbar as extremely low slip when dry, and low slip when wet. Moreover, Durbar is self-draining.

Galvanising and/or painting will alter the surface condition,  and thus the slip resistance – we suggest you  should consult the paint manufacturer for details of appropriate paint systems. 

Can Tata Steel provide calculations for my specific use case of Durbar?

Durbar is stronger than ordinary mild steels, easily fabricated, and therefore well suited to performing a structural role efficiently. We provide load capacity tables for typical configurations of Durbar in the Design section of this web-page, which cover a range of representative cases. For specific use cases, we recommend that you consult an independent design engineer.

Can I buy individual sheets of Durbar from Tata Steel?

We manufacture Durbar in coil form and can supply both coil and cut sheet. We are the largest distributor in the UK of Durbar in a cut-sheet format. We supply Durbar sheet to an extensive range of local stockists that can provide product in appropriate sizes and quantities for specific end use requirements and projects

Is Durbar a sustainable choice?

Durbar is a structurally efficient choice for slip-resistant, hard-wearing and long-lasting flooring. Compared to some alternatives, less supporting structure is required. Durbar itself is 100% truly recyclable steel – indeed every sheet of Durbar includes a significant proportion of recycled steel.

Durbar has been in use in structures for over 50 years and remains the benchmark in textured floorplate in the UK – the ability to match the pattern with existing material in use makes it excellent for prolonging the life of existing structures.