Tata Steel offers a choice of hot-rolled heat-treatable steel. Its chemical composition and the production processes we employ ensure robust, consistent products. 

Boron manganese steel

Consistent formability combined with excellent strain hardening behaviour.

The 22MnB5, 26MnB5 and 30MnB5 grades are hot-rolled, uncoated products that are primarily used for precision tubes.
In their ‘as-delivered’ condition the material is considered ‘soft’, enabling the forming of relatively complex shapes. The final strength of the end product is provided during a heat treatment process, where the addition of boron leads to the strain hardenability of this carbon-manganese-chromium alloy. The boron manganese product range also features homogeneous material properties that enable consistent and predictable performance of the final component. The material is very clean, meaning the levels of impurities are carefully controlled, which helps with consistency in formability and weldability.

These grades are used in a variety of applications, such as harrow discs and plough points (Agriculture), twist beams and stabilisers (Automotive) tubes and centralisers (Oil & Gas). Because of the unique dimensions offered, these products can be processed very effectively and with limited yield loss through optimised nesting.

Feel free to contact us for more options in our BMn family such as other grades and chemistries, other dimensions or minimum order quantity.

Supply - product conditions

Hot-rolled steel can be supplied with these product conditions and finishes and with this surface treatment:

Side/surface condition



pickled and oiled

Mill edges




Trimmed edges




Trimmed edges available in thicknesses up to 8.0 mm. The steel grades shown on the following pages belong to the standard range offered by Tata Steel.
Please contact us regarding other specifications we may have that meet your needs.

Surface aspects



Surface finish

Coils are available in non-pickled and pickled finish


Pickled finish is available with rolling or preservative oil applied


Oil weight normally 0.5-2.5 g/m2

Alternative oiling ranges are available – please contact us for details.