Product properties

Coretinium product dimensions











Total weight
8.3kg/m2 with 0.40mm skins (s)
10.7kg/m2 with 0.55mm skins (s)
12.7kg/m2 with 0.675mm skins (s)
Note: asymmetric skin combinations are possible

Total product thickness (H) 
10mm ± 0.2mm

Thermal properties
Thermal conductivity - K value ( λ ) : 0.070 W/mK
Thermal resistance - R value : 0.143 m2k/W
Core composition
Co-polymer blend of polypropylene with mineral fill for additional strength 

Core specifications (nominal)
Cell size (D)                   7.0mm Ø
Cell wall thickness (t)  600µm
Core thickness             8.9mm
Core density                 210kg/m3

Skin composition
Pre-finished steel skins
Coatings: 255g/m2 Galvalloy™ with a 3 layer 65 micron Colorcoat Prisma® paint finish

Young's modulus: 207GPa
Poisson’s ratio: 0.3
Density: 7854kg/m3

Steel specification
0.55mm S320GD+ZA (320N/mmmin yield stress) 
0.40mm S280GD+ZA (280N/mmmin yield stress)
0.675mm S280GD+ZA (280N/mmmin yield stress)

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