10mm applications

10mm Coretinium® offers a great combination of strength with limited thickness, making it possible create new solutions where overall product thickness is critical.

Moving deck trailers

A perfect example of this is in moving deck commercial vehicle trailers, were the 10mm Coretinium product has been used to free up valuable internal space within the trailer – allowing Tiger Trailers to create innovative new designs capable of accommodating different cage types and palletised loads

Coretinium - moving deck applications


Rear Doors on trailers.

With its 0.55mm Colorcoated skins and a high density core, the 10mm Coretinium can be used as a light weight alternative to 19mm Plymetal doors. Tata Steel can supply door blanks, cut to size with holes pre-drilled along with a PVC door seal optimised for the 10mm product.

Innovate trailer rear view


















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