Complex phase – HR CP800-UC

HR CP800-UC is a complex phase advanced high-strength steel featuring a very fine-grained bainitic matrix microstructure combined with a small fraction of ferrite and martensite phases. This microstructure results in a strength of at least 760 MPa combined with an optimal balance between hole expansion capacity (HEC) and material elongation. The balance enables the design of relatively complex-shaped components requiring high strength and fatigue performance to be manufactured by cold stamping or roll forming.

Relationship with standards

Tata Steel can supply the following hot-rolled advanced and ultra high-strength steel grades:

Tata Steel VDA prEN 10338:2009 EN 10083-3:2006
HR FB590-UC HR440Y580T-FB HDT580F -
HR XPF800-UC - - -
HR XPF1000-UC - - -
HR CP800-UC HR660Y780T-CP HDT760C -
1. This grade is also widely known as 22MnB5.


  • upper and lower control arms
  • engine sub-frames
  • other chassis and suspension components
  • twist beam rear axles
  • wheels

Strength and ductility

Utilising the superior combination of strength and ductility of Tata Steel’s advanced steel portfolio can yield significant lightweighting potential. Component shapes which were previously considered too challenging to make, are now a possibility. This enables designers to integrate high strength and durable materials into their designs to fully unlock the potential of steel.

Increased performance

Application of our advanced steel grades – in place of lower strength, conventional steel grades - can lead to the increased performance of finished components.

Weight reduction

Application of our advanced steel with a lower thickness - in comparison with lower strength, conventional steel grades - can help reduce component weight without compromising performance. This can increase your output per tonne of steel.

Product choice

Our hot-rolled advanced and ultra high-strength steels include ferrite-bainite, complex phase and hot forming steel grades.

Supply - product conditions

Hot-rolled steel can be supplied with these product conditions and finishes and with this surface treatment:

Side/surface condition



pickled and oiled

Mill edges




Trimmed edges




Trimmed edges available in thicknesses up to 8.0 mm. The steel grades shown on the following pages belong to the standard range offered by Tata Steel.
Please contact us regarding other specifications we may have that meet your needs.

Surface aspects



Surface finish

Coils are available in non-pickled and pickled finish


Pickled finish is available with rolling or preservative oil applied


Oil weight normally 0.5-2.5 g/m2

Alternative oiling ranges are available – please contact us for details.