Technical data

<p><strong>Manufactured with care</strong><br/>We manufacture Advantica® CL Clean using a hot-dip galvanized substrate to EN 10346. Following a surface treatment, a high-build primer is applied. The primer has a nominal coating thickness of 18µm. It gives the product its excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility.</p> <p>The reverse side of the product has a backing coat which provides excellent adhesion to most forms of adhesive and insulation.</p> <p>Advantica® CL Clean complies with (EU) No.10/2011 and EN1186-1 and is suitable for continuous food contact. However, as the product is typically used for the construction of walls and ceilings it is not advisable for direct food preparation.</p> <p><strong>Cleaning and maintenance</strong><br/> As there are so many different sorts and sources of cleaning products on today’s market, recommendations regarding use of the product is the responsibility of the detergent manufacturer. However, we strongly recommend that you follow the advice given below, which is based on our experience.</p> <p>For details of the advice please refer to our Controlled environments brochure.</p>