Typical properties

Advantica® CL Clean typical properties table

Properties     Test Standard
Nominal organic
coating thickness
μm 50 EN 13523-1
Specular gloss (60°) GU 20 EN 13523-2
Adhesion after indentation   Pass EN 13523-6
Adhesion on bending T 0 EN 13523-7
(minimum bend radius)
T 1 EN 13523-7
Pencil hardness   2H EN 13523-4
Scratch resistance g 4000 EN 13523-12
Corrosion resistance: 
Neutral salt spray
hours 500 EN 13523-8
Corrosion resistance: 
hours 1500 EN 13523-26
Service temperature range oC -40 to +40  



The figures contained in this table are typical properties and do not constitute a
specification. If forming pre-finished steel below 16°C please consult Tata Steel for further

Humidity performance subject to specification such as minimal metallic coating weight.

*Not suitable for outdoor use.

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