Testing and certification

Product testing

To ensure the integrity of Advantica® products, Tata Steel uses laboratory tests to measure their performance against corrosion, chemicals and abrasion. All testing of products is carried out to international standards.

Clean and taint-free

All Advantica® products have been subjected to rigorous industrial testing for volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Advantica® L Control has been tested in accordance with EN 16000-9 by an independent laboratory and achieved the highest rating, A+.

The PVC food safe film on Advantica® L Control is phthalate-free – eliminating the risk of contamination.

Anti-static properties: The PVC film incorporates a polar antistatic agent which reduces the electrical resistance of the surface to 1013ohms, which in turn reduces the attraction to dirt particles.

If anti-static properties are required then Advantica® L Control is the recommended product. Advantica® L Control prevents the attraction of dust and dirt by surface conductivity additive.

Typically food safe PVC films are white and have a light embossed pattern on the surface. Other colours may be available upon request – please contact us for further advice or information.

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